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Fiddlers Green - Irish Song

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Fiddler's Green is the happy land imagined by sailors where there is perpetual mirth, a fiddle that never stops playing and dancers that never tire. It features in an old English legend: They say that an old salt who is tired of seagoing should walk inland with an oar over his shoulder. When he comes to a pretty little village deep in the country and the people ask him what he is carrying... he will know that he's found Fiddlers Green. The people give him a seat in the sun outside the Village Inn with a glass of grog that refills itself every time he drains the last drop and a pipe forever smoking with fragrant tobacco. From then onwards he has nothing to do but enjoy his glass and pipe and watch the maidens dancing to the music of a fiddle on Fiddlers Green. It is also the subject of numerous songs, including this Irish sea chanty "fiddler's green" about a seaman who is dying at sea. One sailors tale published in 1832 speaks of Fiddler's Green as being "nine miles beyond the dweling of his Satanic majesty". In maritime folklore it is a kind of afterlife for sailors who have served at least 50 years at sea, where there is rum and tobacco. Lyrics: As I walked by the dockside one evening so rare, To view the still waters and take the salt air I heard an old fisherman singing this song, Want to take me away boys me time isn't long. Chorus: Wrap me up in me oilskins and jumpers No more on the docks I'll be seen Just tell my old shipmates I'm taking a trip mates And I'll see you some day in Fiddler's Green Oh Fiddler's Green is a place I've heard tell Where fishermen go if they don't go to hell Where the weather is fair and the dolphins do play And the cold coast of Greenland is far far away (Chorus) Where the sky's always clear, and there's never a gale Where the fish jump on board with a swish of their tails Where you lie at your leisure, there's no work to do And the Skipper's below, making tea for the crew ... (Chorus) When you get back in dock and the long trip is through There's pubs and there's clubs and there's lassies there too Where the girls are all pretty and the beer is all free And there's bottles of rum growing on every tree (Chorus) No I don't want a harp, nor a halo, not me, Just give me a breeze and a good rollin' sea, And I'll play me old squeeze-box as we sail along With the wind in the riggin', to sing me this song (Chorus)
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1MSWILLIE (1 year ago)
pretty little (2 years ago)
Wow memories from my mother singing me this woah Ima sing this to my kids it makes me cry 😭 when I hear 👂🏻 it :( she still sings it in my hart...subscribe to my channel please people :D
Gary Chamberlain (2 years ago)
One of my father's favorite drinking song's, many a box of beer, with bottles of whiskey and rum where emptied to this song over the years.
Sean Geraghty (2 years ago)
long line of seamen, sadly lost great friend Gavin Chisholm, lifeboat took him out to sea today, he now at fiddlers green with the great,
RedSpiralHand (2 years ago)
For my father, Mel Shears Jr who passed July 15th, 2016. Long line of fishermen way back to Ireland. The perfect afterlife for him....can't imagine he'd want it any other way. BTW, it's said we are related to the Sheares brothers who were executed in Dublin in the 1700s for being part of the resistance. Interestingly enough that happened on July 14th...my father died on July 15th.
Helen Reier (3 years ago)
This lovely song was sung last night at a funeral service for an Irishman by his brother. He was an avid fisherman and story teller. Life of the party. This was the first time I had ever heard it and regardless of origin.... it was absolutely appropriate and beautiful.
Roger Thomas (5 years ago)
Being part-Irish myself (O'Connell) I can't but agree this is not an Irish song - there's plenty of good ones without claiming this or Long Way to Tipperary or Danny Boy.  I'm hoping I'm right about the Irish pedigree of Carrickfergus, She Moves Through the Fair, Raglan Road, Fields of Athernrey, etc. They are bliss as is Fiddlers Green.
Abiezer Coppe (5 years ago)
Lol. That's how his family name is spelt. Full stop. You really are scaping the barrel. By your reckoning many of those who were executed (murdered) by the British authorities after the 1916 uprising had no business calling themselves Irish patriots as they had Scottish, Norman or French originated surnames. Conolly is one of the anglicisations of an Irish name, a process that started hundreds of years ago. btw. It's "póg mo thóin", it was anglicised into pogue mahone.
Summer AndLightning (5 years ago)
The last name Connolly is an ancient Gaelic surname no matter how many n's you use you bloody eejit you. Pouge Mahone.
Abiezer Coppe (5 years ago)
John Conolly (note the single n). Now, if you were simply to go on surname then then you would be continually confused and bewildered in these isles. You would not be aware of most of my ancestors and family conections simply going on my (real) surname. John Conolly is not an "Irish Brit" I assure you.
Casey Riley (10 months ago)
I've heard this and the Rangers version many times. My favorite tale is tails tho.. it's where I'll find my dogs. Fiddlers green is just past the bridge. Sometimes called the rainbow bridge. This I've heard all my life. Yer to cross it and collect yer friends. On the next journey...I've heard the tale from many. Yer jobs not done here, more to do. Such as I heard. From forever...over four decades now personally but the tales go back several hundred. My grand was 92 and expired in 98. .his grand told him about fiddlers green. My great great grandad had to have heard it somewhere . It might he true. Four generation now. Bet the tale is older tho. The version I is to collect yer dogs after ya perish. Similar tho. Heaven or a haven. Depends maybe . There is something else, sure of that, I guarantee you will not dissappear. Lol. As far as any contact w what's happening here. I'm pretty sure that'll be over. Fairly certian ya won't care anyway. I'm not religious nor am I pushing an agenda. I croaked a couple times tho. It's not scary. Don't worry so much. It's not the end. I think everyone is different tho so don't go thinking I have instructions like moses. Lol. It's happened to me. It's not scary. Try not to be full of fear. Learn a few things. Makes life less scary when ya know more. Be nice to folk every opportunity ya get.
scrimshank1 (6 years ago)
My family moved from Mass. to Canada in 1750. Does this mean I'm still American?
Summer AndLightning (6 years ago)
If a Connolly wrote it, It is Irish enough. Irish brits are Irish too!
Anne Breeze (6 years ago)
composed by John Connolly from England It is NOT an irish song
Emma Knight (2 months ago)
Correct. John Connolly wrote the song for Grimsby fishermen (UK).
Billy the dog - (6 months ago)
+sebastian von Nebenan Well, it matters inasmuch as it corrects the title above.There is hardly a traditional song going that isn't claimed as being of Irish origin.
sebastian von Nebenan (9 months ago)
Anne Breeze So what... It's an amazing tune. And nothing else matters...
Eric Geddes (6 years ago)
James Busby (6 years ago)
trying to find the version of this song again is so hard this one is great but the one i heard this one had a bit of a lively good time type of song
Michael Walling (1 year ago)
You might try the version by "Marley's Ghost".
I is Not (6 years ago)
beautiful tune - nicely done! :) Jeff
John Blackburn (7 years ago)
It's not an Irish song. It was written in the late 1960s by JohnConolly, who despite his Irish sounding name, lives in Lincolnshire and is descended from a long line of Humberside fishermen. He is still going strong and performing regularly.

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