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Everything about the Pyrite Gemstone!

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Pyrite is a beautiful stone with a remarkably unique appearance. Watch the video to find out a little bit more about this stone. You can find pyrite beads on our website here: http://www.goldenagebeads.com/beads/gemstone If you create something using pyrite beads, let us know in the comments. We can't wait to see what you create!
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Wayne Dome (1 year ago)
This sounds like make-believe.Wheres the Unicorns?
angel da vinci (8 months ago)
Wayne Dome what about santa 🎅 ??
eu nunca vi fio de hematita, como poderia comprar, moro no Brasil,tem loja online, me manda
mokaey (1 year ago)
please. do explain how pyrite a mix of good ol iron and sulfer, defends against ''emotional attacks''? i like learning and this is obviously a big question....

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