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Beltaine - The Sea of the Irish Dream

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Band: Beltaine Song: The Sea of the Irish Dream Album: Rockhill (2004) Web: http://beltaine.pl/ YT channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/adamsbeltaine BELTAINE - one of the most interesting Polish folk groups. BELTAINE has made out its own unique sound thanks to the rare and brave skill of mixing traditional Celtic music with modern music. The Polish music group BELTAINE was created in the year of 2002. After a time of evolving and variations it shaped up into a group of seven musicians. What makes this group special is an ability to conjoin different styles of music: they successfully commix a traditional irish, scottish, breton music (also a classical indian music) with contemporary one. What's more, it's characteristic of them to use the variety of instruments. These are not only traditional ones, such as fiddle, bouzuki, mandoline, whistles, bodhran, bombard, accordion or gaita pipes but they use rare percussion instruments (such as: tabla, cajon, darabuka, djembe) and electric, bass guitar or percussion as well. / source - http://beltaine.pl/en/band.html /
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Text Comments (127)
HeWGM (14 days ago)
herkese selamlar. biz de güzel günler göreceğiz elbet.
369 777 (1 month ago)
I realy like the ancient celebrations of the celtic year. Full of myth and magic. Honouring mother earth and the light. Remebering those who are gone before and that we are closer to each other in these magic nights and meet us in our dreams.
albrecht225 (4 months ago)
Jestem wniebowzięty !!!!
Extremely beautiful. Makes me want to play Heroes 4. Or dance under the dawn.
Nocturnal (9 months ago)
I want an Irish lass with long red hair, light freckles and emerald green eyes. 😍
Elusive Celestia (9 months ago)
The elements... they're swirling around me~~ Calm my heart in state of tranquility~ Thanks for the music, I'm really enjoy it. P.S: Greeting from Indonesia
Nature Spirit (1 year ago)
the most beautiful song
kori' smith (1 year ago)
Whilst all hope is lost, the heros find themselves in a state of despair, their dearest friends all gone, only they three remain as rain begins to pelt them heavily in the mists of nothingness. Then the jokester takes a stand and shows that if they are to not act then nothing will change, there is nothing we can do to get them back but they wouldn't want us laying round as if nothing has happened to them, they'd want us to take vengeance of their lives. The serious one in hurt then joins him in his stand as finally the Irish joins him and they begin to march to the castle, a whole army ahead of them and only three of them, they then charge the gates of the gothic cathedral draugr in the sunlights mists of the pastel windows, the Irish man raises his waraxe taking a strike down at one of the skeleton clobbering its skull off, the jokester then stabs his dagger through another draugr as finally the serious one bashes his warhammer through the last draugr...Now only the wizard stands in front of them with the Irish man bleeding badly he rests up against a pillar gripping his shoulder that had been splintered in half...The light through the pastel windows seems to shine brighter as the jokester then comes over to him shaking him virgoursly. The Irish man then says as the light gets brighter, "Make my Blood The Sea of The Irish Dream lad, don't let me go down in nothingness..You my dearest friend is our worlds greatest hope, make...it worth while"... The jokester stands up from the corpse and takes his waraxe sharpening it against his dagger...The Sea of the Irish Dream... - Ya thats about what I imagined in my head when I listened to this XD
Narduk Lecter (1 year ago)
El principio es el mismo que el de Nothing else matters... calcado
Jake Nicol (1 year ago)
And nothing else matters....
Sandy Koenig (2 years ago)
Beautifully Magical ! !!!!
Wilia Crotti (2 years ago)
Fantastica ... Bellissima
Aroneith (2 years ago)
Fuck Metallica
秋さん (2 years ago)
elena latry (2 years ago)
band perfect!
asI Marques (2 years ago)
jordy rodriguez (4 months ago)
m_miriam _m (2 years ago)
This gives me life 😻🌹❤
m_miriam _m (2 years ago)
This gives me life 😻🌹❤
BloodyRavenHeart (2 years ago)
I can't believe anyone could make such beautiful music!
Nature Spirit (3 years ago)
Just discovered your music. Love It
Flavia Azvdo (3 years ago)
B Csee (3 years ago)
Love you ! x.
NGENECHEN83 (3 years ago)
metallica jajajaja
luis alfredo Violin (3 years ago)
it song is very celtic..beauty instrument. amazing group
moscow vicent (3 years ago)
Jantzen Wodehouse (3 years ago)
so beautiful. takes my soul to the distant shores of my ancestor's past.
Caio Dallacqua (3 years ago)
Ahh metallica, oh, no wait O.o Buuut is a very good song, can't stop listening to this <3
And Nothing Else Matters... xD
Louisa Linton (3 years ago)
But oh, for my Lady Greensleeves...
Beyonce Knowles (3 years ago)
Nothing else matters ! my fav.. oh wait
mechaart (4 years ago)
at the beginning it sounds like "Nothing else matters" from Metallica
apacheul (4 years ago)
inspi red by Metallica
TheCooldudenike (4 years ago)
Anyone know where this song is used?
Ahmet Okay (3 years ago)
+TheCooldudenike İn witcher 3 but not all a little part of this music
Harry Fryer (4 years ago)
They have done some songs inspired by the witcher, (bring to boil) but this one is aside.
XFS (4 years ago)
Maybe in The Witcher series,nonetheless is a beautiful song.
Narcisse. (4 years ago)
at the beginning it look like the metallica's song, but it's really beautiful
Saeneryn (4 years ago)
Sound like Braid.
gay and unrealistic (4 years ago)
Glorious music, indeed.
Oisin O Lochlainn (4 years ago)
and it is a lovely tune
Oisin O Lochlainn (4 years ago)
Its a tune not a song, songs have words. In Irish trad tunes would be, jigs, reels, slow airs like this tune, slip jigs, polkas.. anyway Im not giving out just though Id let people know...
Nixus (4 years ago)
Bardzo mi się podoba :D piękna muzyka . :)
ambh89 (4 years ago)
A masterpiece
Eric (5 years ago)
I heard the first seconds and .... I looked at the comments ;)
ThePandema (1 year ago)
Jesus, you have read my mind haha
Milton Pérez (2 years ago)
Same, lol!
fOwl play (5 years ago)
hahah, you are not alone about that :P
An (5 years ago)
I can't even. So beautiful!
Mariana Campos (5 years ago)
The most beautiful song I've ever heard... 
Tatiana Cominotti (5 years ago)
One of the most beautiful things I've ever heard...
Jimi the Schmuck (5 years ago)
If anyone could make a tab or cover of that bass riff, that would be awesome. I'd love to be able to play it.
George Pan (5 years ago)
Dude.. you got temper issues.. chill..
kori' smith (1 year ago)
George Volos (5 years ago)
no on a merchant vessel i wrote it 6 months ago now i'm back..it kept me company all along:)
Yayo Soto Flores (5 years ago)
It doesn't change the fact that it sounds like it.
Miguel Yánac (5 years ago)
stupid comment! with a poor band like metalca
Poppy (5 years ago)
So what? It's still beautiful art that can convey strong feelings no matter who made it :)
patrick hurley (5 years ago)
Perfect; hauntingly beautiful, forget about labels and pigeonholes give this lovely tune a listen, bathe in its glory and simply enjoy its majesty.
Comnenus (5 years ago)
Jesus fffin Christ fella!
Funcheon Mc Truncheon (5 years ago)
i really hope there is no irish listening to this plastic false ''irish'' music, Becauce if so you are also JEWISH!!!!!!!!
Linda Bostic (5 years ago)
MM.. I love all this great music!...B
MrShenhai (5 years ago)
Great music! I <3 Beltaine!!! :D
Mircea Popovici (5 years ago)
we all did :)
rufus566 (5 years ago)
Sometimes it takes a group of Polish people to make great Irish music!
lyl333ify (Caillean) (6 years ago)
I am enchanted, I agree about the first moment was Nothing else... haha
arisblaze (6 years ago)
Then just think of it as a wave in the flow of the beautiful music. All large bodies of water have them, remember?
Josephine Black (6 years ago)
Sam/a jesteś sztampowy/a. To jest wspaniałe... Mistrzostwo po prostu.
Isabel Delgado Sanchez (6 years ago)
Maravilloso!!!todo un placer
Sara Esteban (6 years ago)
Nothing else matters! lol!
sorcress18 (6 years ago)
In the Navy?
lulumimina (6 years ago)
I don't agree; I think It's the thing that makes this music so special; the addition of the instruments, the harmony changement, the tempo and atmosphere changement :) It's so beautiful! <3
Hanpee18 (6 years ago)
sitting in public playing the air bodhran to this.
George Volos (6 years ago)
i'm gonna be a seaman soon and i believe that this song is gonna guide me..forever beautiful music ..
MessyMetalBass (6 years ago)
Metallica Nothing Else Matters
Nick Funk (6 years ago)
And so my heritage continues to infect the quiet corners of YouTube in the best of ways.
Chris Breadner (6 years ago)
The only problem with this song is how repetitive the one phrase is. Other than that it's great.
Harridsworth (6 years ago)
I'm glad you like this kind of music. To many people listen to things like Nicki Manj, or Snoop dog these days and forgot about this kind of music.
PhocksTheFox (6 years ago)
What does it matter what other people listen to? Just enjoy it! :D
foxman362 (6 years ago)
good stuff....
frogbear02 (6 years ago)
i agree, allot of the stuff people listen to nowadays is obnoxious and it causes crime. there is more to life than sex, drugs and money, if you dont see that your missing out :D
For it's time it's so beautiful to listen to it know and for me that is a work of art and out of it's time! Beautiful
Linus (6 years ago)
Haha the first moment I thought NOTHING ELSE MATTERS :D
na100s (6 years ago)
nothing else matters :P?
ArielannaDragonBlood (6 years ago)
I discovered them today and I'm surprised I haven't found them earlier! I'm completely in love with their music! It is truly beautiful
AlexIncarnate911 (6 years ago)
wooooooow how didn't I know about this groupe before now :O I feel my life is complete
patkasiema (6 years ago)
Dlaczego trafiłam na to dopiero teraz?
Carolina Ferreira (6 years ago)
Go to their site and by it through Paypal. That way you'll be giving this band their well-deserved money instead of giving it to Apple.
timewasteland (6 years ago)
Hah me too! Same intro :D
Sjpanda (6 years ago)
I'm confused. At first I though it was Nothing else Matters by Metallica then I thought it was music from the game "Braid"
Does anyone know where can i find full or violin only scores for these songs?
catacafish (6 years ago)
What does it matter what other people listen to. Just enjoy the music :)
metalger1 (6 years ago)
And the intro of "Caluski Pastora" like "Run to the hills" by Iron Maiden . Its awesome how Beltaine create such an awesome songs with a well known intro!
karol6689 (6 years ago)
tą piosenke chce mieć na pogrzebie...
Arseniy Nikolayev (6 years ago)
and nothing else maaaaaatters
YorkGod1 (7 years ago)
youtube converter :)
YorkGod1 (7 years ago)
where can i get tab for this band???
turbo181 (7 years ago)
Be thankful that it's semi-common in movies and games.
Ainurah (7 years ago)
Absolutely awe-inspiring music. :) Thank you so much for sharing.
UnderwhelmingPlywood (7 years ago)
Tom Reddy (7 years ago)
luudzie, kawałek na 6/8 zaczynający się rozłożonym Emin..pewnie są jeszcze miliony kawałków z czymś takim, ja tam się jaram resztą ; p
Pitonsky Studio (7 years ago)
A ja myślę że nie zerżnęli nic z metalliki. Takie intro to pierwsza lepsza rzecz jaką ktoś by zagrał na gitarze jakby nawet nie potrafił i by mu ją dac. Poza tym ogarnijcie sobie taką kolejnośc akordów: Cdur, Gdur, Am, Fdur. Grając w ten sposób po kolei chwyty można zagrac taką ilośc znanych piosenek, że ja pierdzielę. Ten przykład powtarzalności muzyki to akurat mały pikuś. Poza tym nic wspólnego oprócz tego z nothing else matters nie ma. W dodatku jest zajebiste
gniewo666 (7 years ago)
@djsw1d3r Moze zrobili to, żeby oddać hold Metallice ? ;) SR-71 np wykorzystuje intro do "Sweet Child O'mine" w swoim kawałku dla sarkazmu...Rożne mogą być zamierzenia kapeli...
Sebastian (7 years ago)
I'm so in love with this band when i first found it. And to my surprise it was Polish. That made me really happy to hear because im half Polish and half Greek and yet i love this music. Just beautifull !
Ragnarok (7 years ago)
j'aime beaucoup
JestemBzybza (7 years ago)
@djsw1d3r Wstęp jest taki sam, ale melodia? To przecież zupełnie inny utwór, inny styl, nawet inne instrumenty. Cover, daj spokój, ta piosenka nie jest ani trochę podobna do Nothing Else Matters ^^' Oprócz tego nieszczęsnego wstępu, rzecz jasna, choć i tak będę go bronić. No i moim zdaniem covery są dla tych, którzy nie potrafią sami wymyślić oryginalnej piosenki (przepraszam, nie lubię coverów). A ta piosenka jest oryginalna, nie ma w niej niczego (oprócz wstępu) z NEM.
nadran (7 years ago)
@JestemBzybza Niestety nie mogę się zgodzić z ostatnim zdaniem twojej wypowiedzi - wstęp jest zdecydowanie zerżnięty, a sama melodia bardzo podobna i o ile nie przeszkadzałoby mi to, gdyby przy tym utworze był dopisek "nasza interpretacja albo cover Nothing Else Matters Mettaliki", o tyle w tym przypadku, to razi i zniechęca do słuchania innych piosenek Beltaine i ogólnie do całego zespołu.
nadran (7 years ago)
@JestemBzybza Czasami najprostsze rzeczy okazują się najgenialniejsze ;), a najlepszym tego przykładem może być po prostu "koło" - wybacz tę dygresję. Piosenka Nothing Else Matters jest utrzymana w balladowym stylu, a ten na ogół charakteryzuje się prostotą, więc mnie nie dziwi wstęp składający się wyłącznie z pustych strun. Oczywiście na ogół - nie oznacza zawsze, o czym można się przekonać słuchając choćby wspomnianego przez Ciebie Led Zeppelin.
JestemBzybza (7 years ago)
@djsw1d3r (łaś) Faktycznie, jest E6. Ale jak pierwszy raz dostałam do ręki gitarę (bez żadnych umiejętności) zagrałam to samo (od czasu do czasu zmieniając struny basowe) bo tak mi przyszło do głowy. Dopiero potem poznałam Nothing Else Matters i byłam trochę zdziwiona, że tak banalna rzecz okazała się być wstępem do piosenki. Co innego, gdyby na wstępie zagrali sobie początek na przykład Stairway To Heaven, ale wykłócać się o taki banał? Przecież to za proste, żeby móc to odgapić.

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