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POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN COMPILATION: Popeye, Bluto and more! (Cartoons for Children) (HD 1080p)

33861 ratings | 11383040 views
This is the **BIGGEST** POPEYE THE SAILOR compilation running almost 4 full hours on YouTube which features some of the best cartoons from the golden era. All episodes have been digitally remastered & restored. The episodes' details are listed below, and please subscribe for more entertaining movies and cartoons! Also check out the BIGGEST LOONEY TOONS Compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM6xvpzqCUA and the BIGGEST SUPERMAN Compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgLMH0NGvhg and the BIGGEST BETTY BOOP Compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTVaKNhIB0c 0:00 Popeye The Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor (1936) 16:43 Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves (1937) 34:09 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp (1939) 55:35 It's the Natural Thing to Do (1939) 1:02:27 With Poopdeck Pappy (1940) 1:09:05 Me Musical Nephews (1942) 1:16:00 Shuteye Popeye (1952) 1:22:32 Big Bad Sindbad (1952) 1:32:10 Ancient Fistory (1953) 1:39:20 Floor Flusher (1954) 1:45:44 Popeye's 20th Anniversary (1954) 1:53:26 Taxi-Turvy (1954) 1:59:13 Bride and Gloom (1954) 2:05:35 Greek Mirthology (1954) 2:12:25 Fright to the Finish (1954) 2:18:33 Private Eye Popeye (1954) 2:25:15 Gopher Spinach (1954) 2:31:52 Cookin' with Gags (1955) 2:38:34 Popeye for President (1956) 2:44:50 Out to Punch (1956) 2:51:08 Assault and Flattery (1956) 2:57:45 Insect to Injury (1956) 3:04:00 Parlez Vous Woo (1956) 3:10:20 I Don't Scare (1956) 3:16:37 A Haul in One (1956) 3:22:50 Nearlyweds (1956) 3:29:16 The Crystal Brawl (1957) 3:37:14 Patriotic Popeye (1957) 3:43:27 Spree Lunch (1957) 3:49:42 Spooky Swabs (1957) 8thManDVD.com and all content © 2014 ComedyMX LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use is prohibited. This channel features popeye the sailor man full episodes of cartoons. The new popeye movie along with popeye the sailor man theme song and popeye trailer are available on YouTube. The popular Popeye characters include Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, Whimpy and Swee'Pea.
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Text Comments (1529)
a2001starman * (4 hours ago)
Im glad i experienced popeye as a kid i think i was 4 years old and my grandfather gave me a cd with popeye cartoons, and i would watch it every day 5 times a day, i loved that cd, and i loved popeye.
Keonne Williams (5 hours ago)
Sinbad the Sailor.😆🎶🎵
Anon Ldn (8 hours ago)
Popeye vs Thanos
ramon librea (18 hours ago)
the old popeye coming from cartoon network three afternoon and nine pm.
Angela Hogues (1 day ago)
Love it I watched them my grandbabies
HecticGod (1 day ago)
2019 and i still watch popeye
Ugo Lam (1 day ago)
Let's Head Are Home, Popeye!
The Seventh Sanctum (2 days ago)
Ugo Lam (2 days ago)
Popeye: 100 Years with You (1929-2029)
This was one of the best animation of its days in the USA, but one of the worst cartoons justifying violence and showing a very bad image of women.
Trey Mcglothin (3 days ago)
Why can't they put Popeye back on TV?!🤔😁
I have always loved old cartoons
Sascha HAT (3 days ago)
Man Olive is a bitch
Es de los 90 de mis tiempo mozo de crio en cinta de vidio y soy de españa
mjunaidmaster0 (4 days ago)
This cartoon is a genuine example of how two powerful man can waste their time and energy just for a girl.
Stacy Mclauren (22 hours ago)
mjunaidmaster0 nah dude just kidnapped his girl
brim (4 days ago)
“I’ve never made love in technicolor before”
FORTNITE IS TRASH (4 days ago)
classic cartoons are better than new cartoons cause of the violence.
wolfie 1987 (4 days ago)
25:25 “take me home for a Dollar 98, il give you half price” 😂
anjani kumar (4 days ago)
Pls upload more popeye episodes
wnychevy09 (5 days ago)
The voice of Popeye Jack Mercer
I love spinach till this very day because of Popeye!!
onlythewise1 (6 days ago)
now those was the days
Schmidty030 (6 days ago)
Damn, Popeye deserved someone way better than Olive.
Michelle Johnson (6 days ago)
3:04 😳😡🤫
WTH 4 hours?
Michael Zimmerman (7 days ago)
please change he title this is not "Cartoons for Children"...i am 28 yrs old and this is on all of my lists ....lets get real...were all children at heart...actual kids should not be your demographic
Ashley Whyte (7 days ago)
Pope eye Popeyes lol 😂
Mohoub Mohoub (7 days ago)
50976432 $
moboutmen (8 days ago)
Seeing original opens without the aap is an unexpected delight
Moe Aoun (8 days ago)
Who else thinks this sucks
Moe Aoun (8 days ago)
I knoe
Moe Aoun (8 days ago)
Melly Mel (8 days ago)
12:05 when the baby don't wanna sleep
Melly Mel (8 days ago)
Melly Mel (8 days ago)
When tv was fun to watch
Z% z Asq. Ñ. Ñ%wñ Si _
Vincent Mchau (10 days ago)
Who is watching in may? lets know each other
Callan Alford (10 days ago)
Leandro Duarte (12 days ago)
lilli slaughter (12 days ago)
lol y Bev lim Mammon,,,
Marysoliel Cartuciano (12 days ago)
superkami guru (13 days ago)
Popeye was the one who killed Thanos
Keonne Williams (14 days ago)
John Wick (15 days ago)
Popeye's and Tom & Jerry in the morning was too lit back then .. Sitting on that couch watching right before school
劉小琳 (15 days ago)
axel hunger (16 days ago)
all carácter of cupheadcito
Francisca Reyes (16 days ago)
2019? at 1am
Supreme King (17 days ago)
Mayank Rajawat (17 days ago)
I miss u popeye and thomas n friends,scooby doo n many more
Richard Ranke (17 days ago)
When I was growing up watching Popeye cartoons on TV I also read many Popeye comic books,which I now know were done by Bud Sagendorf-who did the Popeye comic strip for decades.I have all the volumes of a series reprinting the original Elzie Chrisler Segar Popeye comic strip from 1928 to 1938.
Giancarlo Moreno (17 days ago)
This is were the people who made cuphead got their idea to make the pirate boss uwu
Popeye cartoons is such a fun comedy
thewelcometodark (18 days ago)
I'm from India, I woke up everyday with Popeye is on in the cartoon network... n watching full episode in Sunday's without moving to rest room n inn bed with coffee.
TaComa's Finest (19 days ago)
9 :24 "do i hear footprints" 😂😂
TaComa's Finest (18 days ago)
+Lena Christine Thompson thats what i said
I want to watch the flintsons
raghu mothukuri (20 days ago)
Popeye show dislike చేసే valu koda unnara?
Mr. CoolBeans (21 days ago)
Loved this cartoon growing up this luney toons and Tom and Jerry was my childhood.
Joseph Allman (22 days ago)
I'm 61 and still love Popeye
Sentinel Magnus (23 days ago)
1:04:38 1:04:39 Fighting with children to get ready for bed in a nutshell
Американци уёбище
Cool Person (25 days ago)
Guys… look at his “spinach” then his pipe
Jose Camacho (26 days ago)
Popeye el marinero o popeye el marihuanero de hay fue que vino la idea de vender cannabis en frascos de cristal popeye tenía latas de marihuana sin receta
D.R. Gonzales (24 days ago)
Always some idiot ruins it for everyone else.
Sayan Mitra (27 days ago)
I am his biggest fan. I spend my childhood with him. love you Popeye.
Joshua HARRIS. (28 days ago)
Santi Carzola (29 days ago)
haha Popeye OLD SCHOOL
Ricky V (29 days ago)
What’s crazy to me is that back in the day sailors were looked up to even seen as tough men. But now a days they are seen as “pussies” by other branches of military lol. Personally as an army veteran I think all branches play their part but as being in the military this is what was constantly being instilled in our heads. I think it’s B.S. but it’s funny to see how the views have changed.
live yamn (29 days ago)
ptrbn (1 month ago)
Maaf saya tadi ketiduran😪😪😪 gak sempat neko vedionya
huawei p30 (1 month ago)
งุ้ยยย..โปปี้ยี การ์ตูนในใจ💓
P Johnson (1 month ago)
A time when you looked forward to Saturday mornings. Oh How I miss being a kid! 😭
Bruce Pras (1 month ago)
This is cartoon making me Sleepy?
g00gle minus (1 month ago)
twister punch is stolen from luffy! report this animation!
growff (1 month ago)
"(Cartoons for children)" pfffff doesn't stop me.
McSchwartz (1 month ago)
52:00 "Popeye-I mean-Aladdin, save me!"
Eleanor Hogan (1 month ago)
Olive looks like a Burnette version of Cinderella.
Eleanor Hogan (1 month ago)
I was with my best friend Tom today and we were talking about Popeye and he said I look like Olive Oil, I take that as a complement because I love Olive Oil to bits and think she is very beautiful.
Gunasekhar Muthumani (1 month ago)
There's some kinda energy after watching this
Chris Nunya (1 month ago)
Ugly Programming has been all in our lives since birth, rewatching this Crap makes me feel terrible
Little Bit (1 month ago)
I'm looking for the episode where Bluto flexed his bicep HUGE and Olive Oyl punched the muscle and sent it spinning around his arm
tasha davis (1 month ago)
Lucy Nunez (1 month ago)
Love to see classic cartoons 😁😁😁😁😁
Aulia Rahardhini (1 month ago)
Popeye walau badan kecil tapi kuat ..karena makan sayur terus
TNTminer 123 (1 month ago)
I grew up watching this... so all the cartoons now a day are just so fake...
Captainshark BOI (1 month ago)
IM POPEYE THE SWEAT SAILER MAN!! I sweat a lot and no one has cared
Leo Yang (1 month ago)
Noah Lemoine (1 month ago)
anaskiay\\ salianey\\ (1 month ago)
Popeye the sailor maynnneee
Guan Allen (1 month ago)
just like cup head
ourWorld Lucy (1 month ago)
Dude. You genius
Prettyboy4u 2019 (1 month ago)
One of the best cartoons.
PanchoVilla 787 (1 month ago)
Samantha Gregory (1 month ago)
such a killer cartoooon
Shanikua Walcott (1 month ago)
2019 anyone!!!??
Kxtie :3 (1 month ago)
this is better then the cartoons today
VvSQUIDWARDvV (1 month ago)
19:54 “uncharted 3”
Kingly Kev (1 month ago)
am I the only one who didnt know they cursed
TheBGFam1 (1 month ago)
s c (1 month ago)
Como recuerdo miss tiempo wow
rebeldann ! (1 month ago)
Did I just hear Popeye say, "ive never made love in technocolor before"??😂😂😂
Kefe Stanton (1 month ago)
Popeye is the one cartoon that I love so much as a kid and now still as an adult. Popeye is is the classic cartoon that really puts the the laughter in all of us
Nemrac (1 month ago)
Wow, this makes me miss being a kid. I use to watch this, Tom and jerry, looney toons, Felix the cat, Johnny quest, Scooby-Doo. Those were the times.

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