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Irish Rebel Song- Come Out ye Black and Tans

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Text Comments (10709)
pischpilot (1 hour ago)
Isn't it Derek Warfeld actually?
The Blue BlobFish (6 hours ago)
When the person talking shit on Xbox live has a British accent
Me_ Kirbo (8 hours ago)
*Car bombs intensify*
Yoshi Ishii (10 hours ago)
Dear England, sorry about Singapore and Hong Kong. Didn't mean to end your empire 😂 Sincerely, Japan
MichaelInSoManyWords (12 hours ago)
MichaelInSoManyWords (12 hours ago)
The countries that hate us English wouldn’t exist without us English.
homemadeMEMES (20 hours ago)
*insert funny name* (20 hours ago)
Northern Ireland gang🇬🇧
gamer 163 (1 day ago)
Also known as Remove Britain
Tá súil agam go mbeidh teipthe ar an mBreatain dhifriúil ó do chuid talún agus buafaidh ira
Big Ounce (1 day ago)
*Sean Maguire has joined the chat*
slavic communist (2 days ago)
ima go drop a bomb in belfast pause the music
Fat Man (2 days ago)
i think i’ve completed the internet
Ilija Stojanoski (2 days ago)
Ireland was split in 2 parts by fucking england, macedonia was split i 4 parts by fucking england, but one day ireland and macedonia will fuck england and will be united, long live ireland long live macedonia
Toby The Phantom (2 days ago)
39,000 like!
Janik B (3 days ago)
*1 like 1 potato planted*
ghostrider13bg (3 days ago)
The time is coming fast and I think this day is near, When each Seonin traitor he will run before us, And if there be a need, well our kids will say ''Godspeed'', With a verse or two of singing this fine chorus !
George Kleine (3 days ago)
This should be the national anthem
Я получил галлактический ушной оргазм...
Wassim Atrissi (4 days ago)
Fuck imperialism
Tristan O'Rogan (4 days ago)
Main difference between the Irish and english: the Irish are loved by everyone, the English are hated by everyone 🤣
chill out (3 days ago)
then it’s a love hate thing
shawnimations (3 days ago)
What if you're both?
MB27 Fortnite (4 days ago)
Yaydolf Honkler (4 days ago)
Ive always "identified" as white, but i have a perpetual tan :( im still american through and through! Native american indian of european descent i guess. Ireland for the irish!
thelemming54 (4 days ago)
What's the difference between an Irish wedding and Irish funeral? At the funeral, one person is not drinking.
Ben Benjan (1 day ago)
Good joke, can you please tell another?
Sebastian Wright (4 days ago)
Flanders is not something to be joked about.
Aidan Kent (4 days ago)
British people:we own irleand Irish people:*played the song super loud*get out
Jeffrey Jacky (5 days ago)
England still thinks it is the center of the World. WAKE UP ENGLAND! You're not even #3 on that scale! I say freedom from tyranny, oppression, and militant rule for EVERYONE!
AHGaming (5 days ago)
English oppression of Ireland is one of the greatest shames of our nation. You’d think that the government would realise after millennia of uprisings, rebellions, and terrorism, that maybe it wasn’t the Irish that were the problem. Solidaridad mis compañeros ✊
Domagoj Čapko (5 days ago)
Let it be known that Brits conveyed almost milion of Croatian soldiers and citizens to communists at 1945 and caused the worst massacre of entire war on Bleiburg and so called "Way of the Cross" when more than 500 000 of them were killed in most brutal ways! 50 years later theirs agents commited horrible crime in Ahmići on Bosnian inhabitants dressed like Croatian soldiers just to make hate between Croatian Catholics and Croatian Muslims (called Bosniaks), that horribleness is still burding our relationship and I don't know if we could ever again be one people, fuck you Britain! Come out ya black and tans...
Eliyah (3 days ago)
A jadan ujo se naljutio :(
Domagoj Čapko (3 days ago)
+Eliyah Reci na engleskom ne zbog mene nego zbog svih ostalih! Zašto tajiti od svijeta da si krvoločno čudovište koje podržava klanje ljudi bez suđenja? Čim kažeš da je bilo tko - pa i vrag crni - zaslužio klanje ti nisi čovjek! To možda u tvojoj otađbini normalno tako govorit (i raditi), ovdje u civilizaciji nije! Ma ček' malo što je meni? RASPRAVLJAM S LUĐAKOM KOJI OTVORENO POZIVA NA UBIJANJE BEZ SUĐENJA UMJESTO DA GA POŠALJEM FINO U TRI PIČKE MATERINE I VIŠE MU NE ODGOVARAM! Pa evo onda: MRŠ U TRI PIČKE MATERINE I NE ODGOVARAJ MI VIŠE!
Eliyah (3 days ago)
+Domagoj Čapko jebo ti čedo mater prokletu, ne treba mi engleski da ti kažem da ste zaslužili klanje koje ste vi najviše činili You reap what you sow.
Domagoj Čapko (3 days ago)
+Eliyah Gle čedo naučio čitati engleski! Koliko ti je trebalo? Šteta što ga nisi naučio i pisati pa da cijeli svijet vidi vaš bonton i vaš moral! Počiniti takav gnusan zločin i još se time kurčiti! To može samo Englez ili Srbin!
Eliyah (4 days ago)
Niste bili za bolje, ustaški degenerici. Nastavite da pušite austrijski kurac, možda vam opet dozvole da im čistite štale.
Jack's HQ (5 days ago)
sick mon
I thought only Serbs had amazing ultranationalist songs until of course I discovered this Irish masterpiece, Fight for FREEDOM Irish brothers
manfrombritain (5 days ago)
Irish: we bravely assassinated a few people and like 90 of us died British: oh that's cool, we were kinda busy losing millions of men in Europe stopping fucking Germany from taking over. Before that it was the French and Spanish who were even worse 1:30 also, the zulus were just as imperialist as Britain, they genocided the natives of south Africa and they had more guns than the British in that area lol
John Gavildafish (4 days ago)
WW1 didnt affect the Irish Revolution that much. If anything it provided the British with the advantage of having battle hardened soldiers ready to do whatever it took to deal with a problem i.e The Black and Tans.
Jed Hightower (6 days ago)
I'm London Irish and Proud. My Grandfather took me to the Dublin Post office in 1972 when I was 9 and explained the uprising to me and pointed out the bullet holes in the pillars. We are called " plastic paddies" due to the fact that we were not born in the old country, but the stories and traditions carry on in the London communities of Kentish Town, white city and Shepard's Bush ( plus Stoke Newington and Dalston in the N.E of London) and many others.
Token Gentile (6 days ago)
IRA were happy to drill out kneecaps of the odd Presbyterian living in the wrong parts but what are they doing about the multiculturalisation of Ireland underway now? Nothing. Fuck them.
Faisal Mohamed (7 days ago)
Thanks to this song I am joining the IRA <3 FREE SCOTLAND
Mason The Gooner (7 days ago)
We still took half your fucking country you Irish bastards😂😂😂
John Gavildafish (6 days ago)
Get fucked brit. Wheres your empire now? Collapsed into nothing. Beaten by farmers.
Erika Stirling (8 days ago)
That weird moment when you are a british nationalist who unironically enjoys Irish Rebel Music...
iShock 228 (8 days ago)
When Ireland annex Britain
julia (8 days ago)
this song was in a meme and it slaps so im here now
Jack Weller (8 days ago)
Someone should perform this in England with about 10 people sining it
Wombat Aldebaran (8 days ago)
looks like the Harpers have increased their influence...
BluNinja08 (8 days ago)
I played this to an IRA volunteer Now he's an IRA soldier.
bnis Yasir (8 days ago)
Hay républiqa irlandais
Fascist Dragon皇龍 (9 days ago)
And here down the comment section you see the most recent update of Irish independence war.
black cat01 (9 days ago)
Hej from denmark, the only nation to annex Britain, and Ireland. This was during the viking age btw, and dont take it to seriously
Bob Bemis (8 days ago)
Well the nowegians held land on the isles for the longest, but jorvik and sudreyjar did a pretty good job.
Irish Boyio (9 days ago)
*Birmingham intensifies*
Kian Plays (9 days ago)
Any english here get the fuck out u are a shite country on our land feck off we fought u for 800 years and will do so for 800 more
Listening this in my car and i see the royal queen guard in bucki
Piankhi the Greater (4 days ago)
Tase the like button, all ye brutal police officers! (After playing this at 1.25x) 👇🏻
David H (10 days ago)
Ulster is still British 👍🏻
Niall Condren (6 days ago)
But Britain is defined as the Island of England, Scotland and Wales. The North of Ireland is on the Island of Ireland. People born in the North of Ireland are actually Irish, even if they're having an identity crisis.
Corey McCrann (9 days ago)
The Republic aint though.
gigi (10 days ago)
freedom for EIRE
Redpanda 218 (11 days ago)
1.6k Loving English Feet
mjfreaklove (11 days ago)
God bless Ireland!!!LOVE from Romania!!!<3
У Джимми (11 days ago)
Hallo from Ukraine )))))
Bat Ranger117 (11 days ago)
🇮🇪this is my favourite song because I’m also Irish🇮🇪
Bozidar Milinkovic (11 days ago)
When you push English kid down the stairs and *it* falls down.
Sergio Garcia (11 days ago)
Respect to Ireland🇮🇪 from Mexico 🇲🇽
Braz123Gaming YT (11 days ago)
This song makes me want to join the IRA even though I’m from England so they would probably shoot me
Debragh Brown (11 days ago)
Blasting it out in my back yard in a majority Protestant area, go and cry somewhere else we don't give a shit lol
native Americans, american colonists, zulus, Irish protesters, the "brave" British army seems to be really good at murdering people who are basically unarmed, and then getting there asses handed to them by the inevitable rebellion.
iPlayz (12 days ago)
He protec. He attac. But most importantly... He want his Homeland bacc
Becky Burns (13 days ago)
Irish rules!!!!
Charlie Doran (14 days ago)
I’m glad to be Irish ☘️
Charlie Henderson (14 days ago)
I genuinely like this song even though the Ira are a God damn terrorist organisation
Charlie Henderson (13 days ago)
+Lixna so I'm guessing you're irish
Lixna (13 days ago)
+Charlie Henderson The song is from the 1920's. Generally, British people are completely ignorant ( both wlilfully and due to lack of intelligence) of what went on and what their countrymen did in Ireland and what the British government's policy was in relation to Ireland. So take whatever view you want from the traditional British viewpoint of ignorance. Glorify Flanders Old Chap.
Charlie Henderson (13 days ago)
+Lixna I am aware of the fact but if the song doesn't glorify them does it?
Lixna (13 days ago)
@Charlie Henderson - The British "Black and Tans" Auxiliaries recruited from the British criminal and prisoner population base were one of the first terrorist organisations. It is perfectly understandable and totally to be expected that the British would not allow such a fact to be publicised or that any British person would admit to having any knowledge of them. But then this is normal and standard and traditional behavior from the British. Black is white, and white is black, if the British say so, so to speak.
Charlie Henderson (14 days ago)
+John Gavildafish even so the meaning has been twisted so much, basically what I mean to say is that in this day and age the Ira have connotations of car bombs and terrorist attacks. Imagine it this way: suppose alciheda were once a great army that fought for the right. Imagine someone wrote a song glorifying them. And then you know...
Chelsea Geddis (14 days ago)
I’m Irish but the English invaded here so we’re mixed up I don’t even know my own language
Lewis Beach (15 days ago)
As an English man, my solidarity is with all republicans and I will help in anyway I can to drive the English scourge from the occupied territory in Ireland and unify it. I'll betray my country in a second to overthrow our imperialist monarchy and liberate all peoples still oppressed by the English.
Anthony Roic (14 days ago)
Wow, sir you have my respect to the highest degree. If ye ever come to central USA, Ill take you out to dinner.
Michael Fleming (15 days ago)
Londonderry: ❌ Derry-London: ✔️ Tiochfaidh ár lá comrades
The Liberator1916 (15 days ago)
Michael Fleming no better yet Dairy but more important than reuniting the north we need Meath unified te fuck
Decent Bloke (15 days ago)
I’m English,polish and Latvian but I think listening to this has added a slight bit of Irish to my blood
Xizoc (12 days ago)
Anthony Roic wtf...
Anthony Roic (14 days ago)
Someday they will find a cure for being polish
Kakeru Kakadu (15 days ago)
Orlaith Seoighe (15 days ago)
Did you show your wife you won meddles in flanders
Narendra Patel (15 days ago)
John Gavildafish (14 days ago)
+Anthony Roic I wouldnt say crying for us to join but Winston churchill did get pretty pissy about us staying out of WW2 even though we had no involvement in the war and actually risked our neutrality by letting interned RAF pilots cross into northern ireland.
Anthony Roic (14 days ago)
L....M....F....A.....O you brit fucks said the same about the states. Then you had to come crying back to us to finish the two world wars you started.
John Gavildafish (15 days ago)
Your profile picture is of King Henry VIII. One of the sickest individuals to grace this earth...Maybe your just really into history but judging by your OP I cant tell if your into history or really admire that sick fuck
John Gavildafish (15 days ago)
In what way? So pur parliament can spend the next fucking year talking about fucking Brexit? Last time I checked we didnt lose A million people to a famine while under home rule. We also have yet to bomb hundreds of civillians to defeat a rebellion
Glen Miles (15 days ago)
I’m English and proud to be,but not proud of how we’ve treated the Irish,I’ve always believed Ireland for the Irish. plus i just love Irish people.
Glen Miles (14 days ago)
Liam Brennan god bless the Irish,peace and freedom you deserve☘️👍
The Liberator1916 (14 days ago)
Glen Miles you see we don’t mind people like you
Daniel Guinan (15 days ago)
Go on the irish
Now Ireland is filling up with Africans and Arabs ... "Ireland" will be no more, it will be another world stage. Correct me, but what served the rebellion against the united kingdom, if Ireland ends up being loyal to the ethnomasochistic plans of the EU ?.
Joe D (15 days ago)
In my opinion it doesn't matter if you have a HUGE amount or small amount of Irish in you. If you have even a single bit of Irish in you your Irish.
Irish songs are really awesome
Lasse Juhani (15 days ago)
Did i understand right that black here dont mean black skin coloured people. ?
E.T In The Hood (16 days ago)
I’m American but love the Irish culture and I’m 95% irish
Matthew Schipper (16 days ago)
You know I am 60 0/0 Irish 12 0/0 Scottish 9 0/0 German and a.little bit of duch
Tyke (16 days ago)
Ireland can burn in Hell
John Gavildafish (14 days ago)
Fuck. You.
m e g a c h o n k e r (16 days ago)
This exudes a lovely warm chaotic energy that makes me want to get in a fistfight.
Padraig Mahone (16 days ago)
Parnell, not "Pernell"!!
Jack Heno08 (16 days ago)
I played it in my tractor And it turned into a Bomb from syra
Ma da got the jail (16 days ago)
Ireland’s just a shite Scotland
RinMatsuoka FREE! (16 days ago)
More Irish songs please. I'm part Irish.
SAINTpepsi pierce (17 days ago)
"Irish people aren't white HuRdUr" idiots we are
NintenjaBennie (17 days ago)
Me: I love my British homeland, god save the Queen! *Saint Patrick's Day comes* Me, being 1/4 Irish: 🎵 COME OUT YE BLACK AND TANS 🎵
The Liberator1916 (15 days ago)
NintenjaBennie fuck you are not well in the head
A Day At A Time (17 days ago)
I sang this in a Glasgow street last year and got arrested?
JammyJimmy (17 days ago)
IRA sympathisers
Jessie G (17 days ago)
Recently did a school project on the Irish Revolution / War of Independence, now a bunch of Irish rebel songs keep coming up in my recommended. Not disappointed
J D (18 days ago)
Hope the IRA will win forever! This is the best Anthem i`ve ever heard Best wishes and greetings from Germany #solidaritywithbelfastireland
Conall McInerney (18 days ago)
Come on black and tans fight me oh too scared of the IRA that is what I thought
James Rose (18 days ago)
See! Even the British hate the IRA. This is why we need no taxes
commrad michael (18 days ago)
i will fight the for the Danish fleet that thay took from danmark
mo mcmahon (18 days ago)
this is about the old ira who fought in the war for independence. they split in 1921. the black and tans are british ex-soldiers who were sent to ulster to basically control the nationalists/the ira. but they were often drunk on the job and would kill any (even innocent) catholics/nationalists, using the excuse that ‘they thought they were in the ira’. they’re called the black and tans because of their uniforms, not skin tone lmaoo it’s not about race british people don’t get salty it’s only ab the black and tans not all british soldiers lmfao
Jack Mckeown (18 days ago)
Up the British 🇬🇧
KIM IL SUNG (19 days ago)
When your mom cooks potatoew
Yaydolf Honkler (19 days ago)
Ireland for the irish! Up da RA!
Scroncho Duty (19 days ago)
To someone who doesnt know who Blacks and Tans are , it may sound pretty racist
Warbird 421 (19 days ago)
26+6=1 (Like if you get it)

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