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Sea Ballads and Shanties

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Just a few sea ballads and shanties because I realized that many of my favourite bands/singers have such songs and I haven't posted any of them yet. Lots of Brillig songs because they have a whole sea shanty album. Also, some recently Kickstarted projects. 0:00 Old Captain - Brillig 4:29 Burial at Sea - Caravan of Thieves 7:54 In All My Dreams I Drown - from The Devil's Carnival 10:27 Windward Bound - Brillig 15:09 Work Song - Paul Shapera (from A Pirate's Tale) 17:50 Lighthouse - Birdeatsbaby 21:49 Fair Warning - Brillig 25:39 The Wreck of the Bold Lady Jean (acoustic, rough version) - The Celtfather 29:41 Ready for the Storm - Deanta 33:16 Isabella - Gods Favourite Beefcake 35:53 Rum Swagger - Kim Boekbinder
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moonmen (1 day ago)
Lily Johnson (2 days ago)
Parsil (2 days ago)
Caroline Wolter Hall (4 days ago)
Did you allow the 5+ commercials? 😢
Ruhkez (4 days ago)
Does anyone have the link for the background?
Jimmy Agnew (13 days ago)
I've never heard an organ on a ship
Jimmy Agnew (13 days ago)
A dreary dominance
Smeetheens (15 days ago)
No Ween - Blarney Stone?
cleinko (16 days ago)
when the krusty krab is open
Nunum Sinclairs (17 days ago)
No body :- do you ever want be pirate? *Me:-* *yo hooo yar dar ,ahoy amate let drink (download torrent pirate bay)*
## (18 days ago)
Arrr, this is good.
mikey jo (19 days ago)
arr very good.
HEV Suit (19 days ago)
*Shall we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?*
real jew (20 days ago)
Only 1700s kids remember this
True Sortexis (21 days ago)
This Music is wonderful!!!
Holy bible
crookedjs (26 days ago)
Feel like im listening to the pirate history podcast :p
Pihota1111 (1 month ago)
You like a freedom. It`s good.
Finvarra Cernonnos (1 month ago)
The song that starts at about 28 min I think is done by the Brobdingnagian bards... but what's the name of it? I really enjoyed that one.
MoveFree YT (1 month ago)
Watch it is Old captain-brillig https://youtu.be/lOK1D1HezeE
Veezyjung (1 month ago)
Arr ye scallywags, I be drunk on the rum of the good Captain Morgan, and as a devout Pastafarian I must give this my seal of approval. I raise a glass and drink to ye old sea dogs.
LoliLover (1 month ago)
Me after BL3 is announced but it's epic exclusive
Faza Rohmat (1 month ago)
dr fhil (2 months ago)
ugh i was born in the wrong generation 😍
nessy ness (2 months ago)
let's see if someone can help me around here. i am looking for a song in wich the men sing about what they would do if the ship was their own ( what they would change about the ship), is a pretty comical one, i found it once by chance jumping from video to video and i can't remember what it was called so now i can't find it again
peach loonatic (2 months ago)
arr.. no good.
moha glade (2 months ago)
sea shanties were good for sailors to feel less tired and relief stress
VG L.A.S.H (2 months ago)
Every song is awesome!
fukigf coweboye (3 months ago)
Good good
1badz28 (3 months ago)
I love sea shanties
AbsoluteBad (3 months ago)
THese are actually pretty good
Michael (3 months ago)
jake bunga (3 months ago)
Whos listening in 2019, sick
Sir Bilbo (3 months ago)
I love this
Imran Ullah Khan (3 months ago)
*_Tell a man that this father was a dishonest cunt and a thug, will surely cross with you, tell a man his great grandfather was a pirate, and he is sure to brag about it._*
Conner Mc Donner (3 months ago)
Bob The Sailor (3 months ago)
argh finally some good music
Muramasa (3 months ago)
I wish there was a breathtaking game where we can become pirates , pirate captains , fight for england , for spain aswell if we want. build our ships , gain pirate crew or even become a crewmate, plunder the seven seas , with beer and our crew cheer in tavern and sing for glorious end of the day. yeah that´s how I imagine a pirate game I´d love to play.
Come follow us around the world in our old wooden boat. Sea shanties are free 😎🏴‍☠️🇦🇺
+PROS (3 months ago)
you can all stop the pirate jokes, these are NOT shanties, sorry, surely they are themed in modern fantasy of pirates and are inspired by shanties nevertheless.
Mike Carone (4 months ago)
White European Men on a boat
Kegne kenkai (4 months ago)
It's funny how although I have a damaged balance system (due to 14 ear infections/eustachian tube dysfunction) I never got sea sick. I always felt better on a boat. I remember in canoe class, i used to sing shanties in the boat with my assigned mate. People thought I was crazy and yet i was the first to reach the goal all the time.
f o r k . j p g (4 months ago)
this is music to make lil pump hide in shame
legolverstaale (4 months ago)
Listen to this and open a new tab with ship sounds, and enjoy with a nice zip of rum
Sharkpool Bolt (5 months ago)
The 1st song could be used for balbosas funeral
Max Karlsson (5 months ago)
I invaded Constantinople after hearing this
Fallen AngelMECha (5 months ago)
Fallen AngelMECha (5 months ago)
Fallen AngelMECha (5 months ago)
La Folia (5 months ago)
Great playlist, but I've saw in your other videos that you put some Voltaire and Steam Powered Giraffe. In that case, what about "Captain Albert Alexander" from SPG? And Voltaire had, as Brilling, an entire album based on sea musics.
Caner Beyaz (5 months ago)
these are not sea shanties.these are just soft,boring music which has no soul.
Aidan Petterson (5 months ago)
what are some then?
Fredrick Rourk (6 months ago)
Bow time to binge SV Delos
Fredrick Rourk (6 months ago)
You get the pdf's for Crimson Cutlass by Better Games now.
babe krazi (6 months ago)
imiss u matthew
No Homo (6 months ago)
1701 anyone?
ji gln (6 months ago)
Hallowed, Hallowed, Hallowed the whispered echoes would not die caressing beaches and breakwaters with every passing tide. young hands the Deck Mastered cried, young hands to sweep and wipe the looted cargo's store. to new lands and backhands for the Merchants plan. Hallowed be thy name, young blood you never fit their demands... sweep and wipe and fill the Cargo's store your ancient lands you shall see no more... Hallowed, Hallowed, Hallowed cry's from the ocean's floor, young hands and feet and bloated bodies rest on bottom sands to the New Lands and Backhands the Merchant's Plans yours no more, your ancient lands you see no more, neither a glimpse of the Merchants Claim, his promised land and your escaping plans. no, only the depths of the restless sea, that cries with each crashing wave, young hands, young hands to the deck no more Hallowed is thy name, never a sweat dropped in vain. Sea birds swells on rolling flight and the Albatross Soars, Rise up young hands, Rise up, Hallowed New Lands are now your store... jamesglen 2018
1955 Ford Thunderbird (6 months ago)
This brings me back to the 18th century. The good old days.
T,I,M The Invisible Man (6 months ago)
Isabella - Gods Favourite Beefcake makes me think of the hippies in Avatar the last air bender. "secret tunnel" to be exact.
dank memes (6 months ago)
sponge bob
Alberto Bejarano (6 months ago)
Yar Har Yar Har
SteamFox (6 months ago)
Any good soul that can provide the lirycs of work song, please?
Ballistic Fish (6 months ago)
0:58 she said fortnite
T,I,M The Invisible Man (6 months ago)
Yeah, its an actual thing. One fortnight is the same as two weeks. It's often used to indicate when something will happen. "(random task) will be done in three fortnights," or "the (random shipment) will arrive in a fortnight," are good examples of how I've seen the word used, though you might want to get a better understanding of the word before taking my understanding of it to heart. (and I am fully aware you used the game spelling and not the actual word spelling).
TheDarkPickle13 (6 months ago)
All hail Wiremux, King of Playlists.
mark ashford (7 months ago)
Well, I listened (dipped) through ⅔ of this crap and didn't find a single song that even remotely resembled a shanty. Utter bolleaux.
The Glastonbury Ferryman (7 months ago)
Like many people this is NOT what I was expecting but a visit to Aradne Wiremux's home page will show why. I thoroughly enjoyed this and will be listening to more of Aradne's stuff in the future.
Ornat (7 months ago)
How the frick is this ship floating ?
Krystyna Smolarczyk (7 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9ioyEvdggk&start_radio=1&list=RDEMo1pnOuN0J4ZzmIfrwxpP0w YOUR END-EART.
Krystyna Smolarczyk (7 months ago)
KAK 01001-W PUDŁO(
Mateusz Kałamała (7 months ago)
Cat the Conqueror (7 months ago)
KarpdiumOfficial (8 months ago)
listening to this while I clean my sailboat I live on. raining out so might as well :) -sv reprieve
Lewis Robertshaw (8 months ago)
Any one up for pirating Google
Cavan Paul Mulvihill (9 months ago)
Bless this place O Christ we pray and open here a door that no one can shut and grant that soon there will be one Church and one fold and one Shepherd.
George tom (9 months ago)
arrrrrrh raise me bottle for ye good lad captain may ocean breeze sail him to peace.
Hector Cruz (9 months ago)
Marcin Zarod (9 months ago)
Pirate rock, without any reference to actual sea songs / shanties. Texts are immature and very typical.
Vadim Avtukhov (9 months ago)
Daniel Froyle Batiloy (9 months ago)
Erik Bergström (9 months ago)
Honestly? Jaina Proudmoore brought me here
Leon Du (5 months ago)
Erik Bergström She also brought me here.
SLIPI (9 months ago)
Came here after Warbringers Jaina.
Chris Lewthwaite (9 months ago)
Beware the daughter of the sea
Leon Du (5 months ago)
For the Horde!!!!!
Lewis Chandler (7 months ago)
for the alliance my freind, for the alliance
fedor cherp (9 months ago)
No u
Mąshu (10 months ago)
me listening to modern rap: argggh no good me listening to classic sea shanties: ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
Jackie Bryant (10 months ago)
Anyone know the chords for Burial at Sea or Fair Warning ?
Brendan Green (10 months ago)
Me listening to modern pop music: “Arrrr, no good.” Me listening to 17th century sea shanties.
juufa72 (10 months ago)
No women on the ship!
HYBECTIVE (10 months ago)
Memes anyone?
Samin Yaser (10 months ago)
OKMRDX31 (10 months ago)
I have, i think, a different meaning to "pirate music" Pirate music to me is concertina/accordion, guitar, bass and very little percussion. The beginning of the videos and "A Pirates Life for Me" is what i'm looking for, can anyway help find that kind of "pirate" music?
Dalir Farzan (10 months ago)
It was thought bad luck to have women on ships back then -- yet many of these songs have a woman as the singer and main person in the song. Maybe that's why bad things were happening in some of those songs?
Rattytatty (4 months ago)
During Nelson's time Women were common on British navy ships.
Jeremy Ray (10 months ago)
A lot of these have a lady singer. I know sailors did not allow women on ships but ya see on my boat she would be welcome if she willing to sing for me like that.
Aj Habel (10 months ago)
Perfect arr!
Aj Habel (10 months ago)
Trippie redd got nothing on this.
Brian Of Holcombe (10 months ago)
You are welcome to join Shanty Men of Devon. it's a free networking site for all things of a Sea Shanty and nautical nature. https://www.facebook.com/groups/shantymenofdevon/
Willow Wisp (10 months ago)
Only 1700s kids will understand GOOD music
J. H. IceFox (24 days ago)
I'm 23 and I love it,found sea shanties from assassin creed black flag.The song are better with more background people singing and ocean battering a pirate ship sounds just like in black flag now those are the best sea shanties!
Pihota1111 (1 month ago)
My "like" is 666. But I`m kind.
Ludwig Van Beethoven (1 month ago)
T E R M I N A L 7 (1 month ago)
Arrrrg Exactly
Joanne Parkin (3 months ago)
+Nicola Canestrari true
Ryokoon (10 months ago)
*pirate dancing next to a radio*
WeeabooTrashlord (10 months ago)
yurios _ (10 months ago)
I’m here for the memes
Mystic (10 months ago)
me listening to modern pop music: arrr....... no good... me listening to 1700s sea shanties:
Some Irish Guy (25 days ago)
Stale Bread (1 month ago)
Love you
the galapagos (1 month ago)
+Not A Cat oi matey we sailed the 7 seas and got scurvy
(2 months ago)
Cinnamonger (4 months ago)
+Toasty Marshmallow yes. it just so happens that thats the reference.
O'HALLORAN (10 months ago)
HAHAH LMAO a drum set in a SEA shantie? HAH
Danny Orbe (10 months ago)
A meme lead me to this
Rhett Robin (10 months ago)
Danny Orbe S E A S H A N T I E S
Destructive Odst (10 months ago)
This is unironically better than some of today’s music
Kye 9842 (2 months ago)
+Jack What
Jack (10 months ago)
Destructive Odst stop
IjneBenjI (10 months ago)

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