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Malachite Ring: Design Unique Ring with Malachite 20.45 Carats

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Malachite ring, loose Malachite 20.45 carat. Origin: Congo. Free IGI certificate. Visit http://gemsfactory.in to order more Malachite for ring. Design a Custom Ring Malachite ring can be a very expensive purchase when you buy the finished product. A much cheaper option is to buy loose Malachite to use to design your own ring. Purchasing loose gemstones from a reputable seller allows you to create your own pieces. Individual gemstones can be paired with your preferred setting to create breathtaking ring, jewelry can also be fun. When you purchase a loose gem to use in jewelry, ring included, you want to consider the cut and weight to find the one that works best for your piece. Looking for an engagement ring that will turn heads? Why not consider Malachite ring? Here is what you need to consider when using Malachite for ring. Setting When designing Malachite engagement ring you need to first think about your setting. Malachite ring, white gold settings are one option, plus the combination of the white gold with the deep color stone is simply breathtaking. One of the great things about white gold settings is they are not as common as silver or gold settings. Using a white gold setting with the deepest color gem you can find creates a unique Malachite engagement ring. Stone The stone is the other part you must consider when designing Malachite ring. Using Malachite for ring isn’t something you see very often, but you want to make sure it is done right. The stone should be finished following international gem-cutting standards to ensure it is a high quality stone. When choosing the stone for your Malachite ring you want to consider tone and saturation. You want the deepest color gem you can find with the darkest tone available. Your Malachite wedding ring should contain the best gem you can afford. If you need some inspiration take a look at other Malachite ring for sale. About Gemsfactory If you are looking for the global hub for mining, cutting, and trading gems you need to look no further than Jaipur, India. Gemsfactory Jaipur entered the gem business in 1962. Over the years Gemsfactory has built a solid reputation by converting loose gemstones into quality jewels for all different budgets. Each stone that is brought into our factory is cut using specialized techniques to produce different cuts and carats. Each unique gem purchased from us is finished to international gem-cutting standards. At Gemsfactory you cannot order jewellery nor are we a jewelery designer. Gemsfactory does not sell designer jewelry; we simply sell the loose gemstones that can be used in jewelry design. The different cuts and carats offered at Gemsfactory allow you to create your own custom jewelry. Our quality polished stones pair perfectly with gold, white gold, silver, or platinum settings giving you the ability to design your own jewelry. Whether you need to replace the gem in your vintage piece or need one that stands out with your silver jewelry we have the perfect gem for you. Visit our factory website at http://gemsfactory.in to purchase one today.
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