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Amhrán Na Farraige - Irish Lyrics + Translation

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Many thanks to Colm Ó Snodaigh and Kíla :) Performed by Lisa Hannigan (Bronagh) Album: Song of the Sea (2014) by Bruno Coulais, Kíla, Lisa Hannigan, Lucy O'Connell, Nolwenn Leroy, Slim Pezin, and Various Artists
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This and "Brave - A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal" are my favorite songs <3
arTi stic (14 days ago)
So cool
Jules M Scott (28 days ago)
I'm crying this is my favourite song in the universe 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Poipín 1 (29 days ago)
Is brea liom an amhran seo
matt magbanua (29 days ago)
Roma X (1 month ago)
this is very similar with teyla song from SG atlantis
Sea Selkie (1 month ago)
Yes please
*RCL* (1 month ago)
Songs that make me cry *everytime* 1. This song 2. Gravel road ( James Newton Howard ) 3. Somewhere over the rainbow ( Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole ) 4. The corpse bride piano duet song 5. Exploration ( Coraline ) 6. Moonlight Sonata ( Beethoven ) 7. Shallow ( Lady Gaga ) 8. Killing me softly ( Fugees )
Zayaan A (1 month ago)
Can someone teach me Irish?
Black Cat (2 months ago)
I want to learn Irish because of this song now. It is a great movie btw
Black Cat (1 month ago)
+Peter Carmody Thank you ! I'll keep this information in mind
Peter Carmody (1 month ago)
You should learn Irish at Gaeltacht. I recently boarded there and I’m now fluent and it’s a beautiful language
Eris Culpepper (2 months ago)
One of my favourites. Remember it from Òran na mara (or Amhrán Na Farraige)- a lovely children's animated film in Scot's Gaelic. Would love to have it on DVD.
PLAYMOVIES ONLINE (2 months ago)
Full Movie Online in HD at https://playmovies.eu/song-of-the-sea/. NO Limits, NO Fees, NO Registration.
Sofía Smeltzer (2 months ago)
I’m sleeping too long But that’s okay with me I’m breathing through the wind At peace with the heart of the sea 💙🌊💙🌊💙🌊💙🌊💙🌊
Samantha Friginal (2 months ago)
Gaelic is so cute lol. I see "thuaidh" but I hear "Hui"
Maddy C (2 months ago)
It's been only a few hours since i finished this movie and i already want to watch it again. The funny thing, is that i had known about the movie for quite some time now, and only decided to watch it now. I wish i'd done it sooner, but i'm glad that i even watched it.
Livu S (2 months ago)
suddenly S&G's 'Scarborough Fair' jumped in my mind :O
Macabre Mort (2 months ago)
Simon and Garfunkle are amazing
Rocío Puche (2 months ago)
¿is this a traditional song or was written by lisa?
I think it was written by Bruno Coulais and Kíla, and sung by Lisa Hannigan. Definitely not a trad tune :)
Jules M Scott (2 months ago)
This is my favourite film in the wordl. It really brings my inner self out and makes me feel bright and spiritual. This song is amazing I absolutely love Ireland #SongOfTheSea
Green Clova (3 months ago)
My 4 year old sings this song daily 💜
WhiteTigress (3 months ago)
My husband is half Irish half Mexican, raised by his Irish grandfather, and he speaks Gaelic. He introduced this song to me and his newborn daughter and she falls asleep to it. He plans on teaching her Gaelic
JO-ANNE West (3 months ago)
Actually, the last line is "ta mé iduin(?)", I am in tune, not I am between love (ta mé idir ghrá.)
I got the original lyrics from Colm Ó Snodaigh himself (Kíla), and he seemed pretty firm about "Tá mé idir ghrá". "Tá mé i dtiúin" sounds like béarlachas, an anglicism :)
Vixx Celacea (3 months ago)
The folklore is really awesome. I like how peaceful, yet ethereal this song sounds. Always fascinating to learn other cultures stories and legends. Also interesting to find common themes and ideas. Hair telling a story or having something to do with thread, IE time and space is one. We are all one in our uniqueness.
Colleen Finuf (3 months ago)
Blue Diamond?
Caroline Greer (3 months ago)
This song is mó ghrá. I'm so single bruh. 😏
Sea Song (3 months ago)
Thank you.
Halcyon Claire (3 months ago)
its blue diamond singing!
Lazy Piggies (3 months ago)
Is maith liom é seo I like this I know Irish ☘️
Lazy Piggies (3 months ago)
I’m from Ireland and I go to a Irish scoil
Derrick Burl (3 months ago)
Who sings it better Saoirse or Saoirse Mom
Lemonations (3 months ago)
You got some lyrics wrong, but I love this song and movie way too much to care.
Catriona M. MacKirnan (3 months ago)
I am not an Irish speaker -- I am, or was, an intermediate learner in Scottish Gaelic, with some very rudimentary knowledge of Gaeilge -- but, perhaps because I am a learner, I am hearing her sing slightly different pronunciations of words in four places. This is what she actually appears to be singing:. I'd love to hear from any Irish speakers who can tell me what's going on. Eadar ann is eadar as. Eadar thuaidh is eadar theas. Eadar thiar is eadar thoir. Eadar am is eadar áit. Curfá: Casann sí dhomh. Amhrán na farraige. Suaimhneach nó ciúin. Ag cuardú go damanta Mo ghrá. Idir gaoith is idir tonn. Idir tuilleadh is idir gann. Curfá: Casann sí dhomh. Amhrán na farraige. Suaimhneach nó ciúin. Ag cuardú go damanta Eadar cósta, eadar cléibh. Eadar mé is eadar mé fhéin. Tá mé i dtiúin.
Starbyt the Doodler (4 months ago)
Ahhh it’s as an sliogan I was thinking cassan si dhom
firnsternis (4 months ago)
In the celtic music is pure only this celtic language...not foreign english.
Kenny Kenny BurritoTM (3 months ago)
_If the British didnt ban the use of Irish in Ireland before._
Ðamoj Il (4 months ago)
If the word "na" causes úrú, shouldn't the title of the song be "Amhrán na bhFarraige"?
Ðamoj Il (4 months ago)
Oh! Thanks for clarifying that!
The word 'na' does not cause úrú per se (e.g. na farraigí, the seas, 'na farraige' of the sea). On the other hand, the noun can sometimes be eclipsed after 'na' (which is still not what's causing the úrú to occur), with e.g. 1st declension nouns: na bhfear, 'of the men', na gceann, 'of the heads', na mbád, 'of the boats' , etc. :)
The Therran Native (4 months ago)
"I am between two loves" is the most tragic part of the song, especially the way the line is sung. Beautiful.
darby O gill (4 months ago)
As an irish man born and bred in ireland so proud of my irish celtic blood a warrior go mhaith erin go bragh
Lolly Pop (4 months ago)
There was a movie or so I remember hearing this somewhere but I don’t know where
Lolly Pop (3 months ago)
Kenny Kenny BurritoTM and the thing is as I watched the movie than a few weeks ago I even new the second outro song😶 the movie was great though 😁
Kenny Kenny BurritoTM (3 months ago)
+Lolly Pop _I dunno_
Lolly Pop (3 months ago)
Kenny Kenny BurritoTM yeah but the thing is I’ve never seen this movie
Kenny Kenny BurritoTM (3 months ago)
_Song of the Sea?_
GuardianDragon 98 (4 months ago)
I listen to this at night and it helps me sleep :)
w De (4 months ago)
Destiny King (4 months ago)
I have Irish in my DNA. >:3
Caroline Greer (2 months ago)
+Kenny Kenny BurritoTM bc it's a really cool combo
Kenny Kenny BurritoTM (2 months ago)
+Caroline Greer _Why?_
Caroline Greer (2 months ago)
+Kenny Kenny BurritoTM Wish I were you.
Kenny Kenny BurritoTM (2 months ago)
_I have Filipino, Chinese, Malay and Spanish ancestry_
Caroline Greer (3 months ago)
Destiny King lucky you! I'm native American and English. I mean, my claim to fame is that I'm related to Pocahontas.
Found perfect song to sync with this! https://youtu.be/J5P2-9YY7qU ( Song of the Sea | Lullaby [with lyrics) and this song For " Song of the Sea | Lullaby [with lyrics " put it at 1:47 ( listen til it gets there but go to this song like 2 seconds before or seperate the tabs so u know the time for it ) and start this song when it reaches 1:47 for the song that is 3:47 long It sounds just wonderful!!!
SunFlower (4 months ago)
This song makes me feel connected to the sea, I love it
Zoe G (5 months ago)
This movie Is so beautifully made and the music is so amazing
Megan Davidson (5 months ago)
My mum uses to sing this to me when I was a baby because it always put me to sleep. And still does. P.S this is my favourite movie P.SS I’m Irish ☘️
Kun Sotheara (5 months ago)
I hope one day I can visit Ireland
-princecarmen uwu (5 months ago)
Oh wow...this is literally an actor from Steven Universe...
+Shayla Mae Blue Diamond
Shayla Mae (1 month ago)
Really? Which character?
Celeste Woodworth (5 months ago)
This song really helps me to get to sleep. Thank you for the lyrics. I haven't listened in a while, and want to re-learn it so I can sing this to my baby siblings.
P M (5 months ago)
Before I moved, I watched Song of the Sea with my cousin, one of my oldest friends. The movie- what can I say? Amazing. But after it was over, we just sat and talked while we let the main menu’s music run on (this song.) This song is etched into my memory, and it really holds a lot of value to me.
stabby_chara (6 months ago)
imagine blue diamond or undyne/toriel singing this melody.
ta4ANka (6 months ago)
mike gurgle (6 months ago)
Thanks fro the share. Love it!
Ella Rue :3 (6 months ago)
kaylee the gacha girl (6 months ago)
Adrian Ascencio (6 months ago)
I want to learn irish as much as i want to learn ukrainian, wish there were this languages schools in my city :'( both are f*** beautiful languages
Coffincruisine (6 months ago)
duolingo my man, duolingo
Rhian Boyle (7 months ago)
Tá sé an mhaite
Asami Heda (7 months ago)
Its soooo goooood!
Pencil Poet (7 months ago)
Ghazghkull Thraka (7 months ago)
Come away oh human child. To the waters and the wild. With a fairy hand in hand. For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.
Mateo Guiu Londoño (7 months ago)
Y is this so beautiful
James Quintero (8 months ago)
Emily Wilding (8 months ago)
Why it so more calming in the Irish than the English version
C C (23 days ago)
+Strangely Unique Yes exactly! The ch sound comes from blowing air into the back of your mouth, but most people just pronounce it as a 'k'. It's a shame, our language teachers in this country are familiar with the phonetics of other languages when they teach them, like French and Spanish and German, but when it comes to Irish they just use English phonetics!
Strangely Unique (24 days ago)
+C C you're definitely right, I was school taught and I always let it slip through when explaining things. Same goes for the "ch" sound. It can be a throaty sound too but schools don't really teach it that way either.
C C (24 days ago)
+Strangely Unique The 'dh' or 'gh' should not sound like a 'gw'. It only sounds like that because we are taught by non-native speaking teachers who use English phonemes in place of Irish ones. The 'dh' and often 'gh' sound comes from the back of the mouth/top of throat, you open your mouth, make like you're about to try and make a 'g' in the back of your mouth, and then you do this gargle thing. It's hard to explain but if you listen closely to the native speakers on Radio na Gaeltachta, or often on TG4 also, you will hear it a lot.
Shannon McClary (1 month ago)
Emily Wilding it's more calming because it's the old language the ancient the true language and your spirit is picking that up Anna I hope that explains it to you my grandmother used to sing me this lullaby at night I like to listen to it every once and again
Danielle Sabarese (1 month ago)
there are some videos elsewhere on youtube. there's one just about names, that i actually found quite helpful.
Fatterhorner (8 months ago)
I'd love to live in Ireland someday. God knows America ain't worth staying in.
Pawsome Animation :3 (1 month ago)
Riskier Daisy (1 month ago)
+James Furey At least theres the Gaeltachts.Buíochas le Dia.
Riskier Daisy (2 months ago)
Take it from an Irish person,its great here...if you are ok with rain...a lot of rain.
Virginia Harp (3 months ago)
+Ash its losing its culture.
Johan Rojas (4 months ago)
Plz marry me...
Sameeksha kadam (8 months ago)
💖💖💖🌊💦🌊 lots of love to this song. I shall prepare and sing this lullaby to my baby someday .. 👶💤
natsuki chan (4 months ago)
Im singing this to my baby sis
Celeste Woodworth (5 months ago)
Amen to that. Could I also recommend a personal favorite, Aislings Amhrán? (Ashley's Song)
I'm kidding chill out (5 months ago)
Fio Mo (9 months ago)
Is the woman that sings this the same that voices Blue Diamond from Steven Universe?
Ravenclaw Trash (3 months ago)
Oh god I hope so I hope she sings in the movie you can even detect the Irish accent
KirboBoi64/ KIU (9 months ago)
Fio Mo Yes.
Sooooo Irish!
bumble bum (9 months ago)
Always wanted to know how to song it and now I can yay!!!!
Nevaeh The Maverick (9 months ago)
When your mom's a selkie.
Claire Bear (23 days ago)
Oh, I wonder where being a selkie fits genetically... in all the legends, a single selkie parent won’t have selkie children, so maybe it’s recessive... 🤔😯
Caroline Greer (3 months ago)
Nevaeh The Maverick Same bruh.
Sara Allinder (6 months ago)
Little boy: this is when she sings her song so all souls fly home and soon she turns to a selkie Dad: beautiful
kaylee the gacha girl (7 months ago)
xxTC-96xx (9 months ago)
I had no idea she was also Blue Diamond.....that's awesome!
Ash Wood (7 months ago)
Acolyte of Steel (7 months ago)
Oh FUCK, now that you mention it, I hear it! Wonder why I didn't notice it before.
Yesika Narvaez (7 months ago)
Right?! I recognized them when I heard her a second time in the show, took me awhile when I was watching THIS movie all of a sudden *ding* 💡
wtx64940 (7 months ago)
really want to hear BD sing a song in SU also we can imagine BD sing this song to Pink as lullaby with lots of Lapis doing water magic around
Spottedleaflover 198 (8 months ago)
Have you read the IDW comics?
UnicornPootPoot (9 months ago)
Now if I only knew how to pronounce some of this right :'D I don't even know if I have it right
Coffincruisine (6 months ago)
duolingo actually teaches irish, so you could learn it
Ysolde Claire Duffy (9 months ago)
Sláinté Mo chara
Claire Wang (9 months ago)
Beautiful song, I listen to it at least once a day 😍
x feelinqz (9 months ago)
Am I the only one who cries while listening to this song? Yeah I probably am
Young Deku (1 month ago)
Jules M Scott (2 months ago)
No this song is quite emotional I well up sometimes too 💙
Tanya Hubbard (2 months ago)
Nope your not
Negativity Boi (4 months ago)
I cried during the entire movie
stabby_chara (6 months ago)
Henry Johnston (10 months ago)
I thought agus meant 'and'
Henry Johnston you're most welcome!
Henry Johnston (10 months ago)
M. Máire Ní Shúilleabháin Ohhh. That’s really cool. Thanks for answering :)
It does! In this case "is" is short for "agus" :)
Siân Pickford (10 months ago)
Fav song!!!!!!
Siân Pickford (10 months ago)
Thx I understand everything
khaza1wolfgurl (10 months ago)
She plays...literally my two favourite characters in all animation.........I think I died and went to Heaven!!!! 😭😭😭 💙💎
Sticker Time (4 months ago)
I see what you did there
Sticker Time (4 months ago)
Jonathan Chase (9 months ago)
khaza1wolfgurl yvhhfgdb Vdvhgvvfgbgf is the season to grow a rffffvvghngsmnh cog j hbnyggbjhghiogghhnb vb bbb
Quīnta Essentia (10 months ago)
Mitzi Dabkins (10 months ago)
My Irish pen pal Maya emailed me a link to this movie. It was awesome.
Claire Wang (10 months ago)
I love it and the movie so much :)
Khajiit Lynx (10 months ago)
Sing to me Blue Diamond
Septic Markiplite (1 month ago)
+Keezo'Gah Oh, no. I was talking about @Khajiit Lynx
Keezo'Gah (1 month ago)
+Septic Markiplite If you're speaking about my Username.....it's a Quarian.
Septic Markiplite (1 month ago)
Love the username LOL *Cough cough* Argonians are better *Cough*
Keezo'Gah (2 months ago)
Isn't reminds to you this mountain something hmmm?
challenge accepted (10 months ago)
Hello love it! ❤️
Soso_queen 14 (10 months ago)
Song of the sea lyrics Idir ann is idir as Idir thuaidh is idir theas Idir thiar is idir thoir Idir am is idir áit As an sligán Amhràn na farraige Suaimhneach ná ciúín Ag cuardú go damanta Mo ghrá Idir gaoth is idir tonn Idir tuile is idir trá As an sligán Amhràn na farraige Suaimhneach ná ciúín Ag cuardú go damanta Idir cósta idir cloch Idir brí is idir muir Tá mé idir ghrá
Hannah J. (10 months ago)
I sing this to my baby boy . Hooray for being Irish! :)
vittoria foxy (10 months ago)
I just watched the movie two days ago and i fell in love with this song. The movie is also sl touching, it made me cry...too beautiful. Thank you for putting up the lyrics :)
vittoria foxy (10 months ago)
*so touching sorry 😅
Lovell Mendez (10 months ago)
What language is this. It's beautiful
+jess hand , Thank you !
jess hand (4 months ago)
+Gavin St. Clair The Defining Moment Saoirse ì gcónaí(It means "Always Free") that's the closest I could translate for you! Tá brón orm(I'm sorry)
+Caoimhe Chapman , Can you please give me the Irish translation for , " Forever Free "
Caoimhe Chapman (6 months ago)
It’s irish but most people in Ireland speak English but I’m fluent in Irish and I’m glad to live in Ireland
Sadbh Crehan , What is the Irish translation of " Forever Free " ?
Oh Rose lol (11 months ago)
Caroline vibes 4 real
TiLing _Ce (11 months ago)
Go raibh maith agat!
Paul Houghton (11 months ago)
i love this song my gamp tought me and mammy it. its so sweet i like that it was used in a movie! i remeber my gramps singing me to sleep (out of tune) but sweet. good i can hear it in tune now! thnx for the opportunity!!! <3
Xo Rojas (1 year ago)
Que idioma es este?
JavileAvile (11 months ago)
Rebecca Chaloux (1 year ago)
For some reason this song seems so fimilar to me.. Like i heard it some where
Cleide Silva (1 month ago)
v a l x r i a me to, a lot!
Pawsome Animation :3 (1 month ago)
maybe in a dream~
v a l x r i a (2 months ago)
+Kaitlyn Buck reminds me of coraline
I'm kidding chill out (5 months ago)
The Secret Of Kells?
Yashiro Vithaba (7 months ago)
I Get the same feeling😂😂
Johan Rojas (1 year ago)
Beautiful. I wish I was Irish and lived in Ireland.
Riskier Daisy (2 months ago)
Is áit áileann é an tír seo,tá sé comh glas an t-am ar fad agus tá a lán stair againne.Tá an teanga go h-álainn freisin.😉
Riskier Daisy (2 months ago)
Guess im lucky then😆
Aoife Clancy (3 months ago)
Abigail Miles 😂 what I said in Irish? It means “You’re welcome and good tidings to you.” ❤️🇮🇪
Abigail Miles (3 months ago)
Aoife Clancy idk what that meant but it was actually beautiful 😍😩😩
Aoife Clancy (4 months ago)
It’s lit, you’re welcome here anytime. Fáilte agus beannachtaí dearfach leat.
كبكيكهTM (1 year ago)
Jessica Caron (1 year ago)
What does "I am between love" mean?
I'm trying (7 months ago)
No problem my dude glad I could help 👉😎👉
I'm trying , Thank you sir. That very well clarifies it for me.
I'm trying (7 months ago)
+Gavin St. Clair The Defining Moment the movie the song is from is based on, selkies are seal people that can live on land but will always feel the call of the ocean, hence why it's called song of the sea
Winona Coleman , Why does she have to make THAT kind of choice ?
Jessica Caron (1 year ago)
I liked the wrong lyrics better
Ðamoj Il (5 months ago)
Casann sí dhom vs. As an sliogán. +TheNinjaInConverse
TheNinjaInConverse (7 months ago)
The wrong ones? What are those?
MarzAt8 (1 year ago)
Isn't it Casann sí dhom, not As an sliogán?
Pink fluffy owl (9 months ago)
I am part Irish my grand dad speaks Irish these are correct
Nope. According to Colm Ó Snodaigh (Kíla) these are the original lyrics . It makes sense though, as an sliogán = "from the shell", the exact counterpart of the English version.
wolf blood (1 year ago)
This both my sister and my FAVORITE MOVIE SONG! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!! This is also the first Gaelic song I memorized. I've really wanted to know the English translation so THANK YOU for giving us that!
Clara J (1 year ago)
The first song I learned as gaelige. Go raibh maith agat!
Connor Merryman (5 months ago)
Wow same here
MK Layton (7 months ago)
Eiren ga brah!
Anselma Reich (1 year ago)
Amazing. Can you do "Ailein Duinn" plz?
Anselma Reich (7 months ago)
Yes! Loved it and left a like. :)
Have you tried this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvqwH_mSZco :)
Girl Twin Rebels (1 year ago)
This is one of my favorite movie and my favorite song of the movie❤
King Cornelius (19 days ago)
+The Dreamcatcher #dreambigandfar It's called "The song of the Sea", and it's an interesting and particularly made animation movie; I think it is so much worth a try.
What is the movie?
Sameeksha kadam (8 months ago)
Mine too 💙

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