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Roman Stones Blue Sea Sediment Jasper Gold Skull
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Sea Jasper: Featured programmed crystal for Libra
Evolutionary Astrologer, Energy Worker, and Channel Tom Jacobs announces programmed sea jasper as his featured programmed stone of the solar month of Libra (22Sep - 22Oct16). The deal with this stone is all about surrender, letting go, and releasing the perceived need to control life, yourself, outcomes, and everything else. There is a huge difference between resignation (throwing your arms up in the air) and surrender (allowing things to unfold as they need to). These programmed sea jasper pieces are invaluable tools for spiritual development because they will bring you the energy of letting go, providing a constant energetic interrupter to any control-based assumptions and behaviors. See available pieces on sale and order yours here: http://www.tdjacobs.com/seajasper.html See all available programmed crystals and stones here: http://www.tdjacobs.com/crystals.html
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Rock and Mineral Identification
A study guide made for the students of Fleming College in Lindsay Ontario Canada and anybody else who might find it useful. If you like this video check out my channel for a full feature video of a limestone rock quarry, how it operates, and how it is being rehabilitated.
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PC Earth Stone tutorial
Prismacolor tutorial of the earth stone! To find the page used as an example check on Amazon for Gemstones Volume 4 or my etsy. Links are below. I hope you enjoy it! AND I am on Patreon now! Patreon.com/vitruvianart You can find me on facebook at facebook.com/vitruvianart and Instagram at @vitruvian_art And if you would like to check out my books, video tutorials and coloring pages I am on etsy at etsy.com/shop/vitruvianart and Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Amanda-Rose-Rambo/e/B01BWBNFIY/
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HOW TO - Cleaning Crystals | Liz Kreate
Nundle Diamonds or Nundle Quartz Crystals are one of the easiest Crystals to clean. Using water and a little bit of dish washing liquid, the dirt comes off quite easily. Some do have Iron baked on stains that might require using other methods of cleaning. Music:......1. The Owl Named Orion 2. Living the Daydream Music by: Dan-O at DanoSongs.com Jewelry Making Tutorials - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKz21al88ViEih85hG7ZiSZIYQmsv6WV0 Find Gold and Gems VIDEOS - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKz21al88ViGnuqq5sYBjuBthfKPhRNGO
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Earth Parts #31 - Chemical and Biological Sedimentary Rocks
Earth Parts #31 - In which I talk about sedimentary rocks that are non-detrital; not formed by collection of bits & pieces of weathered rock from elsewhere. Chemical and biological sedimentary rocks can be clastic, such as limestone rock formed from dead plankton shells & seashells, or non-clastic such as flint, chert, agate, rock salt, gypsum and some forms of limestone. Flint, chert, jasper & agate are all forms of chemical sedimentary rocks, non-detrital and made up of trillions of microscopic silica shells from dead diatoms and other phytoplankton that secrete a shell of hydrous SiO2. Diatoms are found throughout Earth's oceans, and are a common form of phytoplankton. Diatoms and their relatives the radiolarians precipitate a shell of silica around themselves, and as they die and sink, they contribute to a kind of loose silica silt called siliceous ooze on the sea bed. Later, burial & compaction of siliceous ooze can form layers of silica rock. Burial of siliceous ooze by later sediments, followed by compaction at depth and under pressure in the crust, solidifies the material to rock. Limestone is a chemical sedimentary rock made up of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) forming the minerals calcite or aragonite. Most limestone is biological, crystallized from seawater by CaCO3-shell-building animals like mollusks or corals, or plankton like foraminifera. Chalk is produced by accumulation of myriads of CaCO3 shells derived from coccolithophores; ocean phytoplankton. Limestone can precipitate directly from seawater in settings where evaporation is fast and mixing with open ocean water is restricted, such as in a narrow estuary or lake with no outlet. Halite is natural rock salt (NaCl) and has been mined as an important commodity mineral for most of human history, along with sylvite (KCl), which form as a result of drying seawater or fresh water bodies. Evaporite rocks form in settings of rapid evaporation in an arid environment, forming salts that collect as sedimentary layers that later compact into rock. Organic chemical sedimentary rocks include the various grades of coal, including lignite, bituminous & anthracite. Dead plant remains, leaf litter, peat moss & forest debris can collect and become buried under later sediments, changing over geologic time into compressed, heated and hardened carbon residue. Ultimately, deep crustal burial of organic carbon layers derived from plants, algae or microbes living in mats on the sea bed can result in pressed, cooked and rendered layers of carbon graphite in metamorphosed sedimentary material.
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Rare Rock and Mineral Identification
After watching this video, the viewer should be able to identify some of the more rare rocks and minerals, and be aware that I can provide the specimens to the viewer. Contact me at [email protected]
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Rock worth about 15,000$ !!! Most expensive Rock in the world !!!!
This is Rock is worth so much money guys, I think it's the coolest thing ever , it's so glittery and crystaly. I'm so in love wow
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Fossiles rocks and Objects found on our farms Meteroritesideo Fossiles rocks and Objects found on our farms Petrified
Hunt these items on our Ranches and Farms... Call 215 651 8329 http://www.huntingrelics.com How Does Wood Become Petrified? In order for the petrified wood you see here to become petrified, the wood must first be covered with such agents as volcanic ash, volcanic mud flows, sediments in lakes and swamps or material washed in by violent floods - by any means which would exclude oxygen and thus prevent decay. A number of mineral substances (such as calcite, pyrite, marcasite) can cause wood to petrify, but by far the most common is silica. Solutions of silica dissolved in ground water infiltrate the buried wood and through a complex chemical process are precipitated and left in the individual plant cells. Here the silica may take a variety of forms; it may be agate, jasper, chalcedony or opal. The beautiful and varied colors of fossil wood are caused by the presence of other minerals that enter the wood in solution with the silica. Iron oxides stain the wood orange, rust, red or yellow. Manganese oxides produce blues, blacks or purple.
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Gneiss Rock Extract
4k video available for licensing, use royalty free and forever, more info at: http://stockfilm.com. A sample shot of gneiss rock extract from Montreal, Canada.
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Super Rare Lava Fossil! Proof Against Evolution! Has Not Just One But Multiple Crinoid Fossils!
Yesterday I discovered this little lava rock while rock hounding/exploring which I thought might be possible but guessed I'd never find. I didn't realize that finding one had serious implications and might be why evolutionists or many of the scientists among them were not interested in much exploring Nevada's geology or desert geology in general or perhaps not much interested period, as they must realize that the more they find the more obvious it becomes there was a worldwide flood and do not want to risk finding "out of place fossils" or rocks that do not fit their radiometric dating beliefs. So, it occured to me that if it were due to one or a few massive meteor impacts causing mass extinctions you'd of course find fossils buried with meteor dust and molten rock, rather, Nevada's lava geology at least in one large area shows a volcanic eruption occured underwater (the Flood water of Noah's time) as my fossil is evidence of. The water cooled this lava rock off in time so that these sea animals didn't burn up immediately or rather melt immediately into nothing, furthermore it shows these that these creatures, which existed at the time of the dinosaurs according to evolutionists. Why does that matter? Because these lava rocks are not only deep underground in some places (sinking in due to the flood water mixing about with the dirt and dust) but fully on the surface with these fossils, meaning the volcano that exploded and caused my unique fossils to fossilize the way they did was not millions of years ago but thousands. So, dinosaurs didn't mass vanish millions, but thousands. Further evidence is that many types of dinosaurs and large unkown animals are still sighted, including in the sea and vast lakes. Further evidence of the Biblical Flood is that I found three fissures in this desert and have seen rain water endlessly pouring into one, and I imagine sea life still lives deep underground. Find the Russian video of giant triops' that Russian workers discovered in an underground stream that were previously unheard of and which evolutionists claim existed for millions of years (so why have they not changed/evolved?). Whatever you believe, my fossil is extremely rare and apparently worth hundreds of millions of dollars. No thanks to cops and my unloving parents and neighbors, surrounding businesses, UNLV, cat-theiving sorrority girls there, the student union head, campus police, and their deana and apethetic Christians I cannot find it or my sparkling druzy "diamond crinoid" I found. :( Video 0725180109
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Wear Chrysocolla Rings - Satin Crystals
What colors are mottled in your Chrysocolla gemstone ring? These are adjustable to a range of sizes, come in a jewelry gift box and provide a loving energy. These and an abundance of crystal healing jewelry available at the Satin Crystals Boutique: https://satincrystals.com/collections/rings
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Local Geodes- Nova Scotia
Geodes found locally in South West Nova Scotia. Geodes (Greek γεώδης - ge-ōdēs, "earthlike") are geological secondary structures which occur in certain sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Geodes are essentially hollow, spherical to oblate masses of mineral matter that may form from either the filling of vesicles (gas bubbles) in volcanic to sub-volcanic rocks by minerals deposited from hydrothermal fluids, or by the dissolution of sedimentary nodules or concretions (that were deposited syngenetically within the rock formations in which they are found) and partial filling by the same or other minerals precipitated from diagenetic or hydrothermal fluids. Geodes differ from vugs in that the former were formed as early, rounded, structures within the surrounding rock, whereas vugs are irregular voids or cavities within a cross-cutting formation, usually a vein or breccia. Geodes also differ from "nodules" in that a nodule is a mass of mineral matter that has accreted around the nodule nucleus. Both structures had the minerals contained within, deposited from groundwater or hydrothermal processes. Geodes commonly have a chalcedony (cryptocrystalline quartz) shell lined internally by various minerals, often as crystals, particularly calcite, pyrite, kaolinite, sphalerite, millerite, barite, dolomite, limonite, smithsonite and quartz, which is by far the most common and abundant mineral found in geodes. LINK- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geode
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Geodes (Greek γεώδης - ge-ōdēs, "earthlike") are geological secondary structures which occur in certain sedimentary and volcanic rocks. They are themselves of sedimentary origin formed by chemical precipitation. Geodes are essentially hollow, loosely spheroid to oblate masses of mineral matter that may have formed from either of two different processes: by the filling of vesicles (gas bubbles) in volcanic to sub-volcanic rocks by minerals deposited from hydrothermal fluids or This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Rock Hounding Coal on Vancouver Island
This is a nice beach in Ladysmith, there is a lot of coal on Vancouver Island and the pieces found on the beach are very smooth.
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Rocks & Gold - How rocks tell you where to find gold.
Rocks & Gold - How rocks tell you where to find gold. For more of my gold finding strategy take a look at the "20-20 Prospecting report" - Click here for 20/20 info - https://SourdoughMiner.com/20-20/ For other information on gold prospecting, rocks minerals and tips on how to find gold go here: https://SourdoughMiner.com/products/ Also take a look at my recent gold prospector's hangout on "Mining Gold Traps" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT67xZU1xnA Prospector Jess from http://hunting4gold.com shows how rocks and gold clues go together. The story rocks tell about where to find gold using rock and mineral evidence. Just what you are looking for. What is the nature of the rocks that surround gold bearing placer deposits? Watch to get some ideas about how to find gold. Good Prospecting! Prospector Jess
Vein Quartz Notch Arrowhead! ~ 393 Artifact Find! Feb 2016
I always try to follow out and prove 'theories in collecting' every time out. I learn in the school of the land! As long as you follow conditions... there is no such thing as too many times through a good Site! This was about my fifth time over my own tracks! Look & learn!
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Chrysocolla Weave Ring - Twitch Creative Stream
Edited version of my jewelry stream on 9.25.17 @ www.twitch.tv/LadyVonFrost Love this piece? If its still for sale, you'll find it in my Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/listing/548327228/chrysocolla-sterling-silver-weave-ring?ref=listing-shop-header-2 To visit my store directly, click here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/vonFrostJewelry Have a custom jewelry request? I'd love to make it live on stream. Contact me via Twitch or Etsy to discuss the piece.
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